I started my professional career in 1978 writing articles for Spanish media as the old newspaper Informaciones, the Viajar tourism magazine, the Natura scientific journal, some women’s magazines such as Spanish Mía and Chilean Paula. Finally, in 1987, I began to take care in the newspaper El País of a new branch, hitherto unpublished, such as hotel review activity.

Since then, steadily, I’ve been occupying the 52 weeks of the year to judge critically the facilities and services of over 1,400 hotels worldwide.

Alongside this feverish activity, since 1990, I have published on the editorial El País-Aguilar over 100 books and guides about hotels, some of them as charismatic as the Hoteles con Encanto (Boutique hotels guide), with annual editions for over 20 years. But not only those jobs. I have also written numerous books as The Spanish Hotels guide, The Portuguese Hotels guide, Wellness Hotels and Resorts, Skiing Hotels in Europe, Hi-Tech Hotels of the World, A Goodlife guide, Paradores de Turismo, Pousadas de Portugal, chic & basics Hotels guide, The Snow Guide, etc. For several years my team and I have come to publish up to eight different guides anually, some with more than 800 pages.

Since 2008 I run a blog, el Foro de la Ruina Habitada (the Ruin Inhabited Forum), on hospitality issues from the perspective of the businessman, the host, and from the perspective of costumers, the guests.



El Viajero portada Hoteles BrasilEl Viajero portada Paradores 75 años









«Fernando Gallardo is a journalist, writer and speaker. Hotel critic in the newspaper El País since 1987. Creator of the concept of Hoteles con Encanto (Boutique Hotels) which guides published annually since 1990 by Editorial El País-Aguilar. Founder of the online hotel guide Notodohoteles.com. He currently lives in New York



Hoteles con Encanto guidebook«Fernando Gallardo in his first guide came to call these Charming Hotels brand establishments seeking detail, the small, the staff. The term was so successful that today has become a frequent and clearly defining what many people seek when they travel. It is a cliché that applies to all establishments, not only hotels.»
Jesús Felipe Gallego & Ramón Peyrolón Melendo. Diccionario de hostelería. Hotelería y turismo, restaurante y gastronomía, cafetería y bar. Thomson Paraninfo. Madrid, 2004. ISBN: 84-2832-883-8.



El Foro de la Ruina Habitada blog

«Fernando Gallardo, always up to date in The Inhabited Ruin Forum speaks of a delusional example. That is, it must be the ultimate in anti-marketing. In this case, offering the service, a hotel, what it does is deny the right customers, be they actual or potential, to comment on it, denied the right to freedom of expression! Isn’t a small feat.»
A la izquierda del roble. Jorge Segado’s Blog




National Geographic USA«Fernando Gallardo, hotel critic, El País daily newspaper, suggest the best places to stay in Madrid with four price ranges: budget ($), moderate ($$), expensive ($$$), and luxury ($$$$)
National Geographic USA. Madrid hotels, issue 70.

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