«Visionary, quite intelligent and, professionally and personally, very generous. The reference of the sector.» Jorge Segado ObessoDigital Media, Businesses & Strategies. Digital Transformation. Managing Director of Enfemenino.com and Onmeda.es

«I know Fernando Gallardo for over 25 years and have worked with him on multiple occasions and companies in 3 different countries. No field enough to write the set of professional virtues of this man that could be summarized as a visionary of Tourism and Hospitality of which there are very few in the world. Any entrepreneur or company that claims to innovate and want to be different from others in the present and for the future, it would behoove the lottery if I could have the services of Fernando.» Rafael Moreno Criado, Marketing Manager in GIE LOURDES HOTELS SERVICES.

«Fernando senses to perfection to detail and sensitivity traveler and hotelier. Great professional and with excellent results. 100% confidence in his advice and objectivity.» Daniel FiguerolaSales and marketing Director in Aquopolis Costa Dorada.

I met Fernando Gallardo when I began the journey of Hacienda El Santiscal by 1995, then it was a prestigious commentator / critic hotels in the newspaper El Pais; after a few years you were proud that we should recommend in his famous guide Hoteles con Encanto (Charming Small Hotels) by El Pais Aguilar. We still recommend since. Later, continue to follow his career and we join your website and called Notodohoteles.com Guide, which has become well known. I still have interest in his Inhabited Ruin Forum. In two words: GREAT PROFESSIONAL.» Hacienda ElSantiscal Paqui Gallardo, Owner of HACIENDA EL SANTISCAL.

«Fernando Gallardo gets a different trend from other generators or trainers in the field of tourism. It’s magic!» José Menguiano, Director of Parador de Ávila.

«The way we are structured sessions, with micro-debates, constant audience participation, as well as the environment in which they operate, are a unique format for the development of new ideas and reflection. I know they helped direct the efforts in the management and not take some wrong or inconsequential decisions.» Gorka Berraondo, ​Director of Castillo de Gorráiz Spa&Golf, Pamplona.

«It makes you see things you normally directors, for reasons of cost especially can not see and of course the future we anticipate that this prior is very important, so I consider it a very good experience.» Enrique AmadoDirector of Puerto Sherry Hotel, Cádiz.

«Superb. We are learning, catching up in innovation and future of the hotel industry, and that is very important.» Francisco AgudoDirector General for Tourism in the Regional Government of Cantabria.

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