The Geography of Happiness

Hedonometer measures the happiness

Josep Chías, tourism consultant and professor at the Esade, Barcelona, published his last book, The Business of Happiness (Kindle, Amazon, 2013), just five years before his death. Tourism is an activity that is consumed with a smile (poetry), given that results in an expectation of happiness (economics), argued passionately that behests you his knowledge of marketing.

It is going to be 30 years since I met Chías in tourist planning that led us to the happy slogan of “Asturias, natural paradise” and I will always remember his tenacity in pursuit of psychological and sociological motivations that give sense to the tourism economy: penetrate into the mind of every traveller to know what moves them to travel, why they choose the destination, what is left in it, what you take home and what will be remembered years later about the experience. Continue reading