Tools for Hotel Renovation

Keys for hotel renovation

Five years of low prices and almost no activity in the hotel industry in the countries most affected by the global financial crisis have depleted maintenance budgets, undermining the resistance of hoteliers and bed-and-breakfast business owners, as well as destroying the mood to continue investing, working and innovating. The alerts have been activated on all fronts.

We recognize that a high percentage of the hotel business of today is outdated in its facilities and paralyzed in a segment of customers that is focused on their pension rather than on a vacation. New travelers will arrive with different customs, wanting different services and looking for different facilities. Thus, the viability of the tourism business lies on understanding the changes that are taking place.

A redefinition of the industry is critical, as well as a professional service update, and a gradual renewal of existing infrastructures. These suggestions are clearly similar to what happened years ago, centuries ago, with the preservation and enhancement of the architectural heritage. When they wanted to undertake the rehabilitation of quite a few churches, convents, palaces and historical facades, the required budgets were endless due to the destruction caused by the abandonment. Only the technology and the political awareness of the problem was such that in just half a century, Spain got to the top of the list on the world heritage of humanity published by UNESCO. Continue reading