Fernando Gallardo en el seminario de Mijas 2013

Writing and speaking is not the same, although the language is the vehicle of communication. Writing is a slow, thoughtful act. Talking is a fast act that requires a lifetime of early reflections. But both practices born of thought, imagination and the desire to shout to the world what the world has taught you. So I dedicate part of my time to tell you what I know. It is a way to return everything what traveling has taught me.

Traveling around the the world has been the cornerstone of my calling. I love to connect with audiences that are hungry for something that just might positively shift their business. And, why not, their own lives.


Please contact Verónica de la Fuente to inquire about corporate engagements, presentations, debates or networking rounds… Or drop me a line with questions about other kind of events.

(At the moment presentations will be made ​​in Spanish)


Whether it’s for a dynamic presentation to a small group or a speaking opportunity in front of a wide conference crowd, I have the experience and know-how to captivate the audience with up-to-date relevant content delivery.

  • Big Data, the next revolution in tourism
  • Design Thinking, transforming services and amenities in a liturgical hospitality
  • Internet of Things in the hospitality industry
  • The architecture of the senses for hotels
  • Think different, a magic formula in hospitality
  • Sharing economy for hoteliers
  • Customer service 2.0, the new millennials
  • Online and offline reputation: how to audit a hotel
  • SoLoMo, tourism in the digital era
  • Robotics for new hotels

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