Hotel of Flying Maids

At the end of an exquisite dinner, and only at the moment of serving the dessert, one of the maid falters and made the water gurgle while she was serving the glass. Hell, what did just happen? We found out immediately. A fatal rupture had taken place in the harmonious cadence of the service, an unpardonable oversight in the quietude of the dining hall, surely caused by an anticipated step or a delayed gesture. The atmosphere, suddenly, broke its Zen inspiration. Like a stab, all the gazes converged towards that glass from which bosom, a slight, but obvious, gurgle had been perceived. The maid, Continue reading

Disabled Or Comfort?

disabled man«Love, union and collaboration can move planets. Let’s see if between us all we can achieve an island without any boundaries», Leda Giordano, manager of the Nautilus Lanzarote Art & Biosphere Bungalows, tells me. Her establishment has 45 adapted bungalows, barrier free bathrooms, ramps everywhere and disabled guests can even submerge themselves in the swimming pool without anything to fear or hide. Accessibility, she says, doesn’t mean hotels can’t be nice, and without looking like «real hospitals with bad odors», as she has seen elsewhere. And, she adds, for people with their full capacities (if any truly exist because, this writer at least, isn’t yet capable of gliding to the moon) her Lanzarotean Nautilus has a collection of artwork thorough every corner of the garden. Even outside of their gardens, in the public garden of Puerto del Carmen, where the business is located.

Giordano hoists the blue flag of another less publicized beach —that of the Association of People with Reduced Mobility of Palante—, through a document signed by Estrella Nicolás. This document highlights the scarcity of properly adapted hotels in Spain, «it would be interesting that someone addressed the issue of complete accessibility on the premises of hotels, from the dining room to the swimming pool. Transportation is a fundamental matter, as is that restaurants, pubs or any stores abide to the regulations. The priority is that when making these places universally accessible, it is done serious and responsibly, in such way that later we don’t come across any surprise (trick-ramps…) that in the end don’t provide solutions and have created a significant expense.»

The document even reflects about access in Lanzarote to the beach fronts as well as «the possibility to move freely through areas such as Puerto del Carmen, where there is a more… therapeutic temperature.» And she continues, «Achieving the most independence at natural (beaches) and recreational environments like these is essential and rightful, without it generating any environmental impact and caring for their sustainability.» Continue reading