Architecture of Snow

Amalfi Coast
The rise in popularity of skiing around the world warrants a look at urbanism and ski resort architecture. Because the white sport, like all tourist activities, should be experienced and enjoyed like the unforgettable experience that it is.

The current managers of ski resorts are aware of the fact that the masses aren’t coming for winter sports as much as they’re coming for a winter vacation. The activity itself isn’t what attracts people, but instead a beautiful mountain vacation. Consequently, we are seeing how ski resorts are transforming little by little into snowy theme parks. And Formigal has been perhaps the first ski resort to understand that, thanks to talented and renowned manager, Antonio Gericó, who in 2015 was named General Director of the Aramón Group, Aragon Mountains.

It’s clear that Formigal-Panticosa has benefitted from recent special public investment that has transformed it into the largest and most modern resort in Spain. But it must be noted that this investment was no miracle. Gericó, before attaining his current position, worked in the hotel sector. He knew very well the difficulties of mountain lodging as he ran of the most luxurious establishments at Formigal, the Hotel Saliecho. While everyone else was homebound, Gericó was taking a page from the book of emblematic North American resorts, like Canada’s Whistler, and he was able to adapt these ideas to local tastes with the heart of a skier and the wisdom of a manager. Continue reading