One Is Half Of Two

pink floyd

Facebook is the new ecosystem of news. It is understood that some media directors proclaim that they wouldn’t hire refractory journalists to use Facebook.

According to Heisenberg’s principle of uncertainty, the action of observing changes the observed system. The effect doesn’t necessarily follow a cause. Therefore, we can’t determine reality if we want to interpret it. We can only come close to it through statistics, that is, the average of the interpretive results. Blogs, just like particle physics, have been the natural ecosystem of information. And lately, blogs are embedded within social networks as evidenced by LinkedIn with its new space called Pulse. The determination of reality through analyzing statistics is more precise than actual observing.

This way whoever nowadays doesn’t use statistic tools, such as social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, are closer to error than to certainty, both being rational offspring of indetermination. Not long ago I went to a theatrical presentation of Copenhagen, the play of Michael Frayn about the famous meeting held in 1941 in the Danish capital that gives the play its name, between the eminent nuclear physicists Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg. It is known that this meeting encouraged by the German Heisenberg to visit Bohr, of Jewish decent, would change the course of the Second World War since they probably agreed to stall as long as possible the German atomic bomb program. Without a doubt, I left the theatre inspired remembering the physics principals of causal relativism, very useful later on in life as a critical observer.

Our way of seeing the world in a certain naturally imprecise way modifies it in its trajectory and at the time of interpretation. It is then a distorted vision that we have as observers, so two paths to follow are imposed upon its interpretation: we either submit our analysis to the probability of error or we dilute that probability in statistical calculation, in a weighted average. So added up, when analyzing the opinion of others and then sharing it as a system for interpreting reality. It is what the Facebook ecosystem allows us, and those who don’t live in it will be far from reality. At least as how as we know it today.

Without the socialization of reality, the statistical system that interprets that so relative reality, there’ll be no space for the survival of hospitality businesses except in a minimal way. Those dissociated from the Internet do not have a place in our lives. Tourism businesses like it or not, promote these or the unsocial relations within these ecosystems, the truth is that these ventures shall be increasingly dependent on the inter-business cooperation. Of one color or another. With these objectives or with those. The cooperation tends to become the new scenario for competition of businesses whichever be the sector.  As Bohr told Heisenberg: «I’m not one, I’m half of two.»

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