The Future of Advertising on Facebook

pecesIt is a fact that young Mark Zuckerberg is now an authority. To put it another way, and if his name is not sound familiar to some, he is the president of the most populous country on Earth: Facebook. Just for having designed it, his predictions about the world we expect to live in the next few years deserve to be respected. According to this young entrepreneur, some personalized experiences are much more attractive than TV advertising, a fact which is always translatable to the field of tourism and hospitality marketing.

Yikes! First, get rid of television as we know it today. We anticipated long ago the future aims hotels to focus on the emotional and vividly personal. From now on, nobody will compete to be the best. There will be no concept of a ‘better’ product if it does not acquire a personality. Then, if it is personal, it can not be better.

«People are willing to listen to their friends rather than to brands», says the  CEO of Facebook, for whom the future of marketing will require the design of entertainment experiences that consumers want to share. Did someone out there say that he would never dive into Facebook? Surely what he meant is that he will use it, but late and wrong, because the available profile name does not match his, and he will probably have to be called by a weird alias. Then, Zuckerberg states that «any product is best when it is designed keeping in mind the people you care about».

Figuring out about Facebook routines, Zuckerberg asserts that «there are so many more people who are concerned about the laxity of control over privacy than who are interested in advertising». Content sites that include the ‘Like’ button catch twice the number of Internet users, so we do not understand why some hoteliers strive to create their personal profile under the name of their establishments. Let’s see who addresses Black Dog Cottage with the only Facebook option:  «Sending a message to Black Dog»… Hi, Dog … And in response: The Dog said to me… Dog likes it…

Fernando Gallardo |

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