Architecture of Light


Besides the purely functional criteria, the illumination of each room shifts depending on the aesthetic and sensory effect we want. Also, it depends on the time of day, which determines how some multi-purpose spaces should be transformed. Experimenting with light allows us to design some interesting projects playing with color, intensity, and even with the flashing beams. The transformative power of light draws attention to concrete objects or spaces. It creates atmosphere and engenders different feelings to guests. From bright to dim to all those discrete visual effects created by optical fiber, any hotel is the perfect scenario for this kind of delightful fireworks.

Chameleon facades. Spotlights of changing intensity. Iridescent lattices. Reading lamps. Neon tubes supporting futuristic decorative projects. RGB channels. Led and Oled technology screens. Beacons illuminating the way to the room. Underwater lights based on the principles of chromotherapy. Spots for highlighting a work of art.

Hotels assures endless possibilities and combinations for gazing eyes to enjoy. In the architecture of light, volumes rely upon the sense that the mind of the observer wants to give them, no matter which amenities the spaces offer. Translated into scientific language, the saying “everything is in the eye of the beholder” refers to perception, the influence of light on brain neurotransmitters, which are able to change the mood and the curiosity of guests.

Despite knowing about such a valuable weapon to impress the retina and the human mind, there are some hoteliers who are still determined to leave the lighting for the last chapter of their architectural project. Therefore, they assign an insufficient budget for driving it conveniently, reducing the complex task of lighting spaces to a simple setting up of luminaires and an easy selection of the points where they have to be placed.

Other hoteliers manage their lighting with a gimmicky intention, which dazzles with its originality, but isn’t practical at all. This is the case of those who adorn their facades with an illumination appliance that increases light pollution in their city. There are even hoteliers who are obsessed with ambient lighting, but forget to put a good light in the bathroom for shaving or making up comfortably. How many times do we complain about those high end restaurants that spare a powerful light over the dishes at dinner time?

Le Corbusier reminds us that “l’architecture est le jeu savant, correct et magnifique des volumes assembles sous la lumière”. Architecture is the wise, correct and magnificent game of volumes under the light.

Fernando Gallardo |

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